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"We were all blown away by what you brought to life yesterday. Everything, from the set design to the music, to the actors' performances and blocking, was phenomenal! We were really impressed! Kol Hakavod. The second we left the theatre and got into the car the girls said, and they keep saying, that they miss ACTorah. Thank you for this amazing experience!"

"ACTorah is an amazing program! Each child to his/her talents and capabilities put on a season ending phenomenal show and tapped into their artistic abilities on the highest levels. Yafit Josephson has managed to create a system to give kids the experience of being a true actor while staging an ultimate professional performance, which they build towards with every passing class. Our kids learned how to line study, improvise, and develop their characters throughout the time they spent in Yafit’s sessions. Coupled with the fact that the themes of ACTorah have a spiritual substance to it while having such a fun time learning the stage. I would highly recommend any parent to give it a go and send their child/children. You will not be disappointed. Yafit and her team were pro’s throughout and it truly showed at the finale. Kudos to ACTorah."

Dorit Kashi, parent of Lia & Ana

Winter Session 2019

Eddie Fox, parent of Barry & Bailey

Winter Session 2019

"I thoroughly enjoyed watching my children grow and learn and really internalize the story of Pesach through the medium of theater and ACTorah. Yafit is a wonderful teacher, fun, creative, engaging, and the kids absolutely love her and her staff.  The sets and music were great, the acting was superb (not just my kids but the whole cast!),  and Yafit also made pickup and dropoff a breeze. Thank you Yafit, for your hard work, we hope to continue bringing our Jewish history to life through our kids. From a grateful Jewish mom."

"Noga had a wonderful time in ACTorah! She had a great experience. What was important to me is that she receives Jewish content . She learned lots about the story of Passover, as well as acting skills. 


I was amazed to watch her at the  finishing play perform with such confidence. She was always excited and happy to go every week and loved Yafit and all the staff! I would highly recommend."

"Yafit is an incredibly talented, passionate and creative teacher. Our students adore her and find her lessons engaging and very relatable. She brings Torah, holidays and other Jewish themes to life by utilizing drama, skits, costumes and theatre games.


Her talents as a teacher shine through when she directs our students in Torah skits and other Jewish themed skits."

Naomie Ezran, parent of Noa & Betzalel

Winter Session 2019

Daniella Plutchok, parent of Noga

Winter Session 2019

Sharone Weizman, Director of Education and Youth Programming at Kehillat Ma'arav Religious School, Santa Monica

"Yafit did an amazing enrichment class called ACTorah for the preschool at Adat Shalom while I was the director. She kept the children engaged and entertained.


I also saw her one-woman show "New Eyes", which was amazing. I wish she was in Arizona so I could have her at my school again."

"Yafit's energy and passion are contagious! She incorporates creative and engaging activities into her lessons, such as drama/improv, games, movement and skits. When leading drama activities, she brings props and costumes that delight students and enhance the theatrical experience. She takes time to get to know her students and varies her approach to best meet their individual learning needs."

Joanie Charnow, former Director of Preschool at Adat Shalom, Los Angeles

Julie Nolte, former Religious School Director at Adat Shalom, Los Angeles

“Yafit is one of my favorite teachers! The children were excited to start her class each time. They learned through play and acting and built their self-confidence all at the same time.


Yafit is very talented and has a lot of patience and love for children. ”

Chen Goldberg, former Assistant Director of Pre-School at Adat Shalom, Los Angeles

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